How To Layer Your Bedding The Right Way in 2020 – Complete Guide

how to layer your bedding the right wayAre you want to achieve the classic look of your how to layer your bedding for comfort? Have you wondered to get such classic layering look? We know that to achieve the ultimate adoring and modern look of your farmhouse bedroom is not so easy. Most people get confused when they have a lot of different options that how to layer a bed for comfort the  with modern stylish duvet, blankets, and pillows. It’s difficult to pick the best bedding for how to layer a bed for winter in your master bedroom.

How to layer a bed with a coverlet look should always be attractive and eye-catching. When you enter your master bedroom then feel pleasure and have a great sleep experience with the comfortable bedding set. If you love your bedroom and want to get good texture and delightful style. Then surely cozy layered style and with eye-comforter natural colors come in your mind.

Previously we are using a simple duvet cover set in our master bedroom. But when we go and want to change it. Then spend a lot of hours to get the best style that should be amazing. At that time I see the layering options with how to layer your bedding the right way like a pro Bedding On A Budget. I was excited to use that styled and finally decor my bedroom and going to share with you that how you can get the graceful look with layering bedding of bed skirt, duvet cover, pillows, throws, and blankets.

How To Layer Your Bedding The Right Way?

I did a lot of deep research on how to layer a bed with a coverlet. Now, I am going to share amazing tips for you that how you can achieve the luxury look with the breakdown of laying into different steps. I always use to layer with good texture covers, pillows with natural colors, then choose the color options that make it eye-catching and modern.

The quick tips through you might be able to achieve the cozy comfy style perfect bedding is all about the layering of farmhouse bedroom décor. The foremost thing that should be modern and stylish through you can easily achieve the stylish look is the bed frame. Let’s have a look of how to layer a king size bed at it.

Modern Rules of Layered Bedding Using Basic Sheets

Modern and traditional bedroom décor only depends on the base. To get the modern stylish look then you have to first choose the bed frame or headboard that is more attractive and fits with modern style layering options. Clean and lines headboard is my favorite. But don’t worry if you want to get the rustic and shabby chic both can be achieved in any of the frames on your farmhouse bedroom.

For multiple layers of farmhouse bedroom bedding. I divided it into different parts then step by step guide you. Through these layering options, you get the fresh look for summer or any seasons. These bedding ideas are enough good that lightens your bedroom and gives a beautiful stylish appearance.

We breakdown the layering how to layer a bed for comfort into three parts that are mentioned below.

  • Sheets
  • Farmhouse duvet cover set
  • Throw & Pillows
  • Blanket or quilt with two or single for laying.

These are three breakdown part of a layering bedding set. Let’s start and provide the idea regarding texture, color patterns, and matchings.

1. Farmhouse Bedding Adoring Sheets

I always start layering with a wonderful sheet. Start layering with sheets is a good idea. Bed sheet that is cumbersome is more likely wonderful and have great sleep experience without stretching. Whenever you are looking for a beautiful and high-quality sheet. Then look at the features like higher thread counts that make it soft and comfortable and fabric that is using.

I honestly say that I love to go with cotton sheets or sometimes with linen. However, there is also other stuff for cold weather like flannel. But the most attractive things that you get with cotton sheets are amazing weight with beautiful color texture and styles like floral, flower, shabby chic, leaves, and check patterns. You can go for both natural colors and multi-colors. Because this gives you options to spread the blanket in both summer and winter seasons.

Now, I am given you the reasons why I always stick with the cotton. Because these are comfortable, charming look, inexpensive, and incredibly soft. It means within less amount you can easily find out good stuff best buy bedding set on amazon. Cotton gives you more options and style that’s why in all seasons this is one of the trended stuff.

2. Duvet Covers & Coverlet Bedding Sets

Duvet covers and coverlet is a second option for layering. Duvet normally comes with the matching throws and pillows but the coverlet is a kind of blanket, bedspread, and non-reversible bedspread. Coverlet I simply use after watching different styles that triple fold and lay across the duvet made bed.

Here is the time when you want to protect your comforter and bedspread. For sheet and comforter, you always want to choose perfect and fit sizing. While selecting the duvet cover if you select the patterns like floral, plaid, check, ticking strips, then you should go for solid sheets. Most of the modern farmhouse bed set looks natural and simple.

If you want to choose simple and beautiful farmhouse duvet cover then the best color patterns are white, tans, blue, gray, and creams that are perfect but you can also choose others according to the decoration of the room and the sheet. you may also get help about how to layer a bed like a hotel.

3. Pillows & Throws For Layering

When you choose the duvet and coverlet then it’s time to select pillows and throws and layered in such a way that it adds attraction and cozy look in the layering style of shabby chic bedding. Usually, I layered the patterns started from the larger one on the back with 26 x 26. Then gradually decrease the size and put toward the front. You can choose different colors and styles of pillows and shams and can also go with the one that you get with the duvet cover.

If you don’t know how do you make layer bedding . Then first put two pillows with the larger size in the center and then put two pillows in front of already placed pillows with a size of almost 20 x 20. Then one large in center and the last one smaller in the center. However, you can use different size pillows and throws for how to layer a bed for summer.

4. Blankets Or Quilts For Layered Bedding

The uppermost layered that complete the look thathow to layer bedding for warmth is blanket or quilts. That somehow people called a bed scarf. The pattern is simple that fold a soft gorgeous look comfortable pattern and then put it on the bottom side of the bed. If before this you are not using the comforter in this layered. Then your bedding appearance is not complete and attractive.

Remember that how do you layer a white bed and other online purchasing options give you a lot of different patterns and texture that give you enough perfect adoring touch for farmhouse bedroom decorations. Adding good texture provides a beautiful character to your bedroom. Sometimes adding more texture with layering option gives you more cozy comfy and gorgeous patterns. Or you can also go with the same texture.

Best Patterns For Bedding Decoration

Usually, people knew about the texture and other layering styles and ways. But patterns add its luxury appearance that most of the time you see in layer your bed like a stylist. The patterns that are considered more perfect and charming are floral, plaids, and strips. These three choices are common and look more modern among all.

For classic and unique patterns you can also go with ticket strips, grain sack, and buffalo check patterns. Combining the patterns with floral and ticking strips which is one of the highly adoring and perfect you never every competes it.

Another good style that most of the people love is the white sheet, white pillows, white duvet cover, and white blanket and some of the times with black color check patterns.

Steps for How To Layer Bedding Coverlet?

After checking a lot of different patterns I only love and use it for my farmhouse bedroom is the layered bedding with the coverlet. Let’s have a look at the step by step guide about bedding layers explained And you can easily make the same layering style in your bedroom.

  • First, as we choose the sheet for adoring style. Then place the sheet on the mattress and make sure to have the beautiful natural color and fit on the mattress.
  • Now, lay the coverlet or second sheet with a duvet cover that protects it. As you know that duvet cover contains corner ties and buttons so put it carefully from the corner.
  • Now, layer the pillows and throws as we mentioned in the pillows section.
  • Yet, triple fold the blanket or quilt and lay in on the bottom of the bed.


As you know that here in this session we discuss How to Layer Your Bedding the Right Way and it’s all about that how to achieve beautiful layering look for the bedroom. Here we update the complete step that how to breakdown the layers and which patterns, colors, and styles are perfect.